About the company

Since 1986 SPC Nedra has become the only company in the world dealing with set of work in drilling of superdeep boreholes for scientific purposes with targets of the Earth abyssal structure and the processes taking place at big depths studying, developing new criteria of minerals' search. Within the frames of industrial intersectoral and federal programs there have been drilled and examined the deepest in the world the Kola Superdeep Borehole (12 262 m, pre-Cambrian crystal rock of the Baltic continental crust, Murmansk district, 1986), the deepest in the Russian sedimentary fields - Yen-Yakhinskaya superdeep parametric borehole (8 250m, Mesozoic-Cainozoic sedimentary and volcanogenic rocks, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Western Siberia, 2007).

Implementation of unique projects has allowed to receive essentially new data for creation of factually proved global models for geotectonics, oil and gas location and metallogeny; to develop innovative technologies for the Earth heat utilization (construction of geothermal stations), for the "old fund" boreholes, excavation of hydro mineral materials, and creation of toxic and radioactive waste long-term storages in deep wells of big diameter, etc.

The specialists of the company have performed a number of geological reconnaissance and scientific research projects together with scientists from many countries of Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Japan.

The main sphere of activities of the company is construction of various application boreholes on turnkey basis, including:

SIC Nedra is the supplier of services for the state needs in the spheres, including: